Paps Of Jura
  Photograph by Martin Hansen


Paps Of Jura

I had hoped to anchor in Jura's remote Loch Tarbert for the night but we had over ten miles to go as darkness fell. On slow ahead Tramontana edged toward the North end of the Sound Of Jura. We were letting time slip by, waiting for the tide to turn at 6 am after which we would have it running with us, doubling our 'still water' speed as we passed through the Sound. Guy confidently took the helm as the moment to go with the flow arrived leaving me to admire views of the Paps of Jura making their own cloud caps in the early morning sunlight in otherwise cloud free skies.
The tide propelled us onward to a point with Rathlin Island five miles West and Northern Ireland's Glerarm Marina fifteen miles ahead. There was now no progress to be made. A steady Force 3 headwind, a choppy sea with Atlantic cross swell, and now the tide, all conspired to push us slowly backward for five hours.