The channel in and out of Fleetwood Marina
  Photograph by Martin Hansen


Tricky Channel

A favourable insurance survey by marine surveyor John Crompton crossed the last item off my Easter 2017 to-do list. With thoughts turning to leaving Tramontana's home for the past year, I took a close low-tide look at the tricky channel out of Fleetwood Marina. In the photograph, notice the starboard green buoy that marks the outbound left edge of the channel. Then, high and dry and well out of the channel, can you spot the port red buoy ? It should mark the outbound right edge but is quite a distance from where it should be. Normally, the rule is 'keep to the right' but clearly I needed to pass as close to the green buoy as I could and 'keep to the left'. Tramontana's relatively deep draught of 7' 3" necessitated leaving on a high tide and knowing the channel.