Sailing To Isle Of Man
  Photograph by Martin Hansen


Sailing To The Isle Of Man

Although Tramontana had a new engine, I had in mind that this was to be a Sailing Summer. After only 24 hours in Whitehaven I left at 10 am and motored for two hours. Then, in spite of there being little wind, I turned the engine off and hoisted the sails. There was enough breeze to manage, effectively, a slow walk of 2 knots towards The Isle Of Man. The wind lessened overnight but picked up a a little at daybreak. Oh so slowly the boat wallowed on. The photograph shows how flat the sea had become with such little wind. The lighthouse is on Maughold Head, south of Ramsey. In the calm, I tentatively headed for a tiny bay by the lighthouse, Port Mooar. I'd no information as to its suitability as a place to spend the night but it had a welcoming feel. I dropped anchor in 11 meters with 35 metres of chain and opened a bottle of wine to celebrate my first landfall on this Island in the middle of the Irish Sea .