The Mountains Of Mourne
  Photograph by Martin Hansen


The Mountains of Mourne

The last four miles to Carlingford Lough were painful. When the wind dropped to a Force 3, I took down the sails and motored directly south for the Hellyhunter Buoy straight into the swell, waves and wind. The Buoy marked a crucial right angled turn after which life would be good. With the engine working hard, Tramontana inched forward at 1 knot with the result that it took four hours to cover four miles. At 9.15 am the turn was reached and then both I and the engine could relax on 'slow ahead'. We raced along, carried by the tide at 6 knots through the rapids and into the Lough. On the way in I was treated to a marvellous view of The Mountains of Mourne on the north shore.