Sailing on Carlingford Lough
  Photograph by Martin Hansen


Lazy Days

A couple of days were spent at anchor in Carlingford Lough reading Illicit Scotch, a book about the history of illegal whisky making in Scotland. It brought home what squalid and impoverished lives the vast majority of people led between 1500 and 1900. It also offered good examples of how tax adjustments have unintended consequences, often boosting illegal activity whilst forcing the legal product to be of lower quality. Many a vested interest of a politician was the true driver of a tax change. Occasionally I'd look up, to remind myself of what a wonderful place I was relaxing in. By midday on the first day, a mile away, the small local yachts were racing each other enthusiastically. On the second day, rain, drizzle and mist swirled outside as I read below decks, snug with Tramontana's Taylor's paraffin stove giving off plenty of heat.