A Seagul
  Photograph by Martin Hansen


A Dash For Conwy

As forecast, four days of vicious squalls hit Holyhead. First Dan, then Guy caught the train home leaving me to do odd jobs below decks. I grew increasingly frustrated at being stuck in port as the bad weather forecasts kept arriving. On the fourth day a twelve hour period of calm overnight looked like my only chance to get Tramontana to Conwy in the foreseeable future. I'd already paid for a year of 'home port' berthing in Conwy and could leave the boat there and go home to wait for better weather. Out of Holyhead that evening a confused two metre high swell was running from the various previous Gales. I hoisted the sails immediately to take advantage of a stiff Force 4 from the south-west. It provided vastly more power than the engine ever could. An excitingly brisk 6+ knot sail took me all the way to Conwy. With Tramontana snug in the marina the next gale arrived and Zeta and I caught the train home to Shrewsbury.