Tilo and John
  Photograph by Martin Hansen


Rough Passage Home

Friday 11th August was 'crew change day'. Helen and Frida left and my brother John and his son Tilo arrived. The following day Tramontana began her voyage home to Conwy by leaving Liverpool on the 3pm high tide. The wind was from the north-west along with a heavy swell from the same direction. Heading straight into this was a slog that became a mild panic when the engine-overheat alarm went off. We scrambled to get the sails up before drifting onto the wreck of the Pegu, which ran aground in 1939 with a hold full of whisky. With the sails up and much tacking to and fro, also with large vessels to dodge, we exited The Queen's Channel at 8 pm. It had taken us five hours to cover 12 miles. John and Tilo were good for nothing after this ordeal and I ordered them below to sleep and recover. Under sail alone I guided Tramontana through one of the wind farms to give an easier motion, and cut a corner. The photograph is from 'the morning after', as we drifted on a calm sea waiting for the high tide for Conwy. They look remarkably chipper considering what they had been through.