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Tramontana's Voyage to Southern Ireland, Summer 2018

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A2.pngMeasuring Chain


B1.pngMeet The Crew

B2.pngConwy Castle 1835

B3.pngConwy Square Riggers

C1.pngThe Channel In & Out

C2.pngDragon's Breath

C3.pngPassing The Skerries

D1.pngLife At Sea

D2.pngBardsey Island

D3.pngSwept Away

E1.pngDolphin Watch

E2.pngSkomer's Turning Tide

E3.pngWaterford Buoy

F1.pngChecking The Depth

F2.pngChart & Reality

F3.pngRunning Aground

G1.pngTowed Off

G2.pngA Quiet Anchorage

G3.pngWhen The Anchor Drags

H1.pngFighting To Go West

H2.pngKinsale Sanctuary

H3.pngThe Family Arrive

I1.pngCornwall Without Crowds

I2.pngArtist's Paradise

I3.pngCork Art Gallery


J2.pngDavid Inglesby

J3.pngCrew With Muscles

K1.pngSea Scamp

K2.pngAiming For The Fastnet

K3.pngVoyage Highlight

L1.pngMagnificent Rock

L2.pngEntering Crookhaven

L3.pngChurch & Anchorage

M1.pngSpeckled Wood

M2.pngMorning Ashore

M3.pngSchull Crab Claws

N1.pngCastletownsend Tourists

N2.pngMoored in Castletownsend

N3.pngFarewell, Kinsale

O1.pngOld Head Of Kinsale

O2.pngA Rainbow At Sea


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